Alpha – Theta Brainwave to control life quality

Are found five kinds of brainwave that relevant to human activities: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. They are starting from the highest frequency but lowest amplitude to the lowest frequency but highest amplitude (opposite). The higher frequency work in our brain, the faster we feel tired or fatigue as our energy is drained. The machine used to measure the brainwave’s frequency is ElectroEncephaloGraph (EEG). Respectively those brainwave are as follow:

Gamma: works in around 40+Hz (above 40 hertz to around 200 hertz). This wave works instinctively in a hyper-alertness state, such when we shocked by something that we makes we take a reflex action, i.e: when accidentally hit a snake, avoid accident when you are driving and something almost you hit, angry, etc. Heart’s beat is increased very fast in this condition.

Beta: works in around 13-40 Hz. Wave that works in regular daily life. When we think, walk,  eat, drink, playing, exercise, making love, etc, our brain works in this kind of frequency. This is said just normal consciousness, but not high (high consciousness is gamma wave).

Alpha: works in around 7-13 Hz. Is a relax brain state or when we are doing meditation. Have you ever gone to massage and there were playing a relaxing music to make you feel relax and feel asleep? That kind of music’s frequency is meet to the alpha brain wave’s one. If you have not, just try. Or you also may make your own “sound”, like bird’s sound, soft bamboo chimes, water drop’s sound, etc.

Theta: works in around 4-7 Hz. Is state of a brain when are going to sleep (but not wave of a sleep brain), dreaming, hypnosis, and when we are just awakening from a deep sleep. Have you felt that that you need sometime to be aware your “environment”? That because our brain still work in low frequency, and need time to be in Beta. This brain state is very important in generating inspiration, accessing our sub unconscious.

Delta: works in less than less than 4 Hz. Brain state when we are full sleep. In this state, we probably will not aware anymore if something happen us when we are sleeping. This is the state when we are sleep but without dream. Brain take deep rest in this state and recover.


Source: The Formula for Miracle

What is the most important of all the five?

Off course regularly no more important one than another. But in a certain condition, one is more important than the other. Say, i.e: theta is more important when we are trying to get inspiration, trying to get something that nobody can answer, or when we are trying to understand what happened to our life is. And my focus in this writing will be to this state, ALPHA and THETA brainwave.

Mozart’s Piano concerto No. 21. Play with soft sound in a reflecting room’s wall with glimmer.

Alpha and Theta brainwave, how to enter?

As mentioned above, these two state are not regular state in our live but very important in improve life quality. Gamma also are not regular, but unexpected condition.

It is hard to enter this state, as when you are too relax, we probably going to sleep. This two state is in between conscious and unconscious, two states that are normally we life with. A certain condition or certain tools are required to help to us to enter alpha – theta state, such as soft and relaxing music, a quite environment and glimmer, etc.

With the conditioned environment above, try to prepare yourself, sit relax in a Yoga post like picture below. Take a deep breath, hold for a moment until you hear your heart beat three times, relax and breath out. Do this several time, and the more time make it slower. After the slower breath is reached, it is mean that you are start entering theta state. Now, you may hear your inner most heart talking, and listen it.

A Yoga relax sit position practicing breath control.

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